Eye Exams
Eye Exams

Are you in need of eyeglasses, contact lenses or prescription sunglasses? Then what is the first thing that you should do? Get an eye exam of course! And this is what we offer before suggesting what kind of glasses, contacts or sunglasses will suit you.

We know that there is nothing more important than getting an accurate prescription so that we can match the perfect eyewear for you.

Affiliated and Specialized Experts

We are recognized by and affiliated with the New York Eye & Ear infirmary. Our renowned eye specialists are well versed in all kinds of eye disorders, visionary problems and general eye exam. When you first contact us, we will schedule your eye exam within a time-frame that best suits your schedule. You will then see an ophthalmologist to become aware of your visionary issue so we can deal with it accordingly. Our aim is to provide you with the best fit for your glasses, contacts or sunglasses and also make sure that you are able to get best possible eye care.

If it is eyeglasses you desire, we will help you select the frame that is perfect for your face shape, cut and features. We will ensure that you get eyeglasses that not only look great, but also feel comfortable and help you see clearly.

We have a specialized eye exam for your contact lens needs, which ascertain that you have contacts that do not cause any irritation, but give you perfect vision without them bothering your eyes! Prescription sunglasses are not very common in stylish, oversized frames. But we have a huge variety of trendy sunglasses that you can choose from. Once the eye exam has been conducted, our specialists will help you pick out a frame that gives clear vision in bright sunlight and helps you attain your own individual style!

Designer Brands for the Best Prices

We have all the best designer eyewear with a varying range of prices. We make sure that our inventory is updated regularly, so that you can get the most chic and contemporary eyewear available in the market. We understand that you may have a budget, which is why our price ranges from low to high and you can pick out the eyewear that best suits your needs. From Ray-Ban to Prada, Dita to Celine and a lot more, we cater to all your eyewear needs.

So come check our store today. You will surely be impressed!